Friday, December 3, 2010

days of wine and amaryllis


In the midst of preparing for two shows next week (more on that soon), helping the kids get the house into proper Christmas spirit, and trying to stay on top of the day to day I decided to have another go at a daily amaryllis study.  I did this a couple of years ago, on 18" x 24" paper and vine charcoal, and loved recording the daily transformation.  This time I'm doing smaller studies in pencil, approx 9" x 12", and hope to add color at some point.   Also hoping to update my Etsy shops over the next few day as they have been sadly neglected...

Speaking of Etsy, if you are looking for some fresh gift ideas there are plenty of them.  And the handmade kind which I happen to think are the best.  Check in later for a post I am putting together with some of my favorites. 
Today being Friday I can't let it go unmentioned the FineArtFriday treasuries that are being put together by the members of Finding Fine Art team.   They are awesome!  I had this piece selected to be part of this treasury.  Thanks Robin of robinsart!